Design of EP and cover

Christmas graphic design work comes to Alpaca Creative

As much of the design work of Alpaca Creative is carried out for other agencies, printers etc, it’s not always possible to tell you about the exact projects being worked on, but what we can say is that at this time of year you can guarantee that some of it will be related to Christmas!

One recent design that we can mention is that of the CD and cover for The Old Country Crows’ Christmas EP – Just Another Christmas Song – soon to be released. The EP contains 5 new original tracks, recently recorded by The Old Country Crows. Another recently commissioned piece is the design of a Christmas card containing all the services over Christmas for a local village church.

Also booked in is the design and artwork of a newsletter for a prestigious grammar school, but being work for another agency we will be shot if we tell you who it’s for!

It’s not too late to make a start on designing ads, flyers, postcards etc to get any special Christmas offers or messages across to your clients. We can offer a fast turnaround on most graphic design projects, with printing also speedily delivered.

2018 Design Opportunities!

Don’t forget to prepare for the new year by reviewing your branding material – Alpaca Creative can update your price lists and brochures etc so that you are ready for the year ahead. You might just need to adjust prices or add some new products, but you could take advantage of the necessary updates and go for a complete refresh. Alpaca Creative can design a whole new look for your business – get in touch to find out more.