Colour of the Year 2019 From Pantone. CMYK, RGB, etc!

Living Coral

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 - Living Coral. Image of Coral with fish.
Investigataing the Living Coral …

After extensive research and trend analysis the experts at Pantone have decided that ‘Living Coral’ is the Colour of the Year 2019.

Each year, Pantone offer a ‘Colour of the Year’, which can influence designers of all kinds. It can impact product development and purchasing decisions in fashion, home furnishing and industrial design as well as graphic design, product and packaging design.

How do they choose the colour?

To arrive at their choice, Pantone look at an extremely varied mix of influences. This includes films in production, new artists, fashion, travel destinations, lifestyle, new technologies, materials and textures, plus social media and socio-economic factors throughout the world. They even look at forthcoming international sporting events – so you can see that the basis for the choice is broad.

Colour psychology is important in design as the emotions evoked by colour influence buying decisions and choice. ‘Living Coral’ will no doubt therefore be at the forefront of design throughout the year and will play a large part in the graphic design of brands, and corporate identities as well as all other areas of design.